Friday, January 18, 2019

I truly appreciate your support!!!

I am so grateful for the support of each one of you who have signed up for my website and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other SM!  

To be an aging emerging author in a world where most my age have published tons of books can be discouraging. So I like reading about "late starters." Those whose plates were so full they couldn't add a crumb unless it added to the support of their family. Not saying most authors don't have it rough just accepting that the road is crowded for slow walkers.

In 2017 I published The Sylph's Tale, first book of my fantasy/ paranormal - based on mythology and history series. I wanted to do a screenplay rendition and did; it won a third-place ISSA award and just in the last few days I got the comments from Table Read My Screenplay and they are so good I will post the entire six (6) pages on my website by next week.

I am still working on editing and revising The Sylph's Tale, so please don't buy it until I re-publish it most likely under the name Ayekah The Damned.

Friday, January 11, 2019

In Memory

Time To Let Time    

It's the seventh day
Of your passing 
And the third day of your interment
In my heart and mind
I see your smile
For in our tears and fears
We feel the God of our understanding
Not just on a cross 
Or memorialized in pages 
In churches, temples or synagogues
For human greed and need 
But the spirit surrounding us
Welcoming you
As you and we cannot; yet must
Let ourselves be in the light 
Tethered by love
Not strung by regrets 
Around what’s left on earth 
In the turmoil of tears
Flooding into and out of us
An ocean of love and pain
You can’t feel anymore
And we
Feel so much more 
For soon it will be time to let go 
As memories keep all 
Let good remember to forget bad
Beyond this earth 
Find meaning to warm feelings 
In the words of embraces
From someone no longer here 
But is always there
Where we are one.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Table Read screenplay comments

While I was away at the funeral services for a beloved family member I received an email with feedback regarding my screenplay submission from Table Read my screenplay. 

Wanted to read it right away but decided to wait, just got home last night. 

The "analysis" of my screenplay is amazing and 6 pages long! It will help me with the novel and screenplay re-writes. I would love to share it with those who let me know they are interested. The email says:

Dear Marta,
"Attached is your script analysis for Ayekah the Damned aka The Sylph's Tale. We thank you for your patience on delivery. Please remember this insight is the professional perspective of one person and is written with the best intentions for moving your script forward. We hope you find the attached assessment useful, and thank you again for requesting it!
Table Read My Screenplay

I will post actual comments from Table Read soon!

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Considering Smashwords for next publication

On "Welcome to my annual publishing predictions" by Mark Coker.  The article is very informative and it "feels' sincere. Main points I liked: 

“The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams.”
~ Black Sabbath

Coker goes on "The answer is complicated.  I think at the root of the challenge, as I’ve discussed here on the blog for several years now, is that the supply of ebooks is growing faster than the supply of readers." 

I recommend reading all of it. Here is the site and my comment to Smashwords on this "2019 Book Industry Predictions: The Butterflies Wi...": article

Thank you for a thorough and truthful article.

I am an emerging author. One of those who, after working at times two jobs to support my family, is now putting works on paper. In 2017 published the first book of my fantasy/ paranormal - based on mythology and history series - as a novella because I wanted to do a screenplay rendition and did; it won a third place award and from it, I got some good comments that I will implement.

The novella was published as an ebook on Amazon and D2D missing 4 chapters, yes, incomplete. I engaged the services of a publishing assistant that states it was submitted complete. No sense in blaming and arguing. The book got great reviews even though incomplete. 

Now, as I make lemonade out of lemons I am including three chapters from the beginning of the sequel and getting ready to republish. Your article is very appropriate for me and I will look into Smashwords.

Note: Wish you all a HAPPY 2019!!!