Thursday, March 29, 2018

Great article on writing and publishing

Hi Friends, I haven't posted for awhile because I was busy doing edits on The Sylph's Tale teleplay, then I got a cold, and then a grandchild came to visit for a few days, always love that, it pulls me from my emotional and writing cave into the reality of what counts. 

Anyhu, just now I read this article on Poets&Writers and had to share it: Publishing Your First Book: Advice for First-Time Authors by Shelly Oria

It got me out of the funk, and now I am ready to finish editing and re-submitting plus re-editing Virgins, book two of Immortals - the series. Reading Oria's open and frank commentary served me because it does not make the writer a slave to writing but how it honestly feels. Here are three quotes I love:

“I’m not shy by nature, so doing many events and going on a book tour, even appearing on TV, wasn’t the cause of my angst. I felt extremely vulnerable and exposed.” 
“is an experience that can mess with your head—regardless of how your book “does” in the world”
“There’s always something to be proud of and grateful for, and there’s always something that feels devastating. So don’t tell yourself that you’re feeling however you’re feeling because of this review or that event. You’re feeling however you’re feeling because publishing a book is kind of a fucked-up experience.”

Ta ta for now! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Great news!

Hi, Friends of The Sylph Tale and Immortals - the series.

Check out my movie project at Amazon Studios: The Sylph's Tale or Ayekah the Damned.Follow this link: for Marta C. Weeks at Amazon Studios:

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

About The Sylph's Tale

The Beginning: In prehistoric times, when a virgin escapes into an Archangel's earthly paradise he is commanded: "Take your Eve" but damned to be a, Sylph, an immortal without a soul Ayekah. She, Haya, has special powers and a Mardi is her guiding spirit.
Excerpt: "I shouldn't have returned to Earth after, like a salamander, I slid into a river between a man and a virgin. Her screams and his grunts stirred in me new thoughts: What must it be to feel flesh on bones? The idea jolted me back to the sky.”
Amazon reviews are high but I agree with complaints that the book is too short. Yes, it’s a novella, but it had to come out first and alone; the only book in the series that takes place in prehistory. It introduces the Archangel’s purpose before he becomes Ayekah, how and why Haya is connected to her Mardi the eternal shepherdess and why is Ayekah’s love for Haya part of a higher plan. Book two, Virgins is in edits by a ruthless critic, my husband John, before other readers make final editing. Book three ROLO is underway. 
*Also: Completed the Teleplay, alternate title–Ayekah the Damned, currently available for submission.
Amazon, top customer reviews:
Carlo Fiore5.0 out of 5 stars,Verified Purchase “Great read. Unforgettable. Nephilim? Fallen Angels? Is this how it happened? The Sylph's Tale (The Immortals Book 1) is amazing. You will never forget it. A deep, meaningful tale, told from a unique perspective in a loving, enjoyable way. Read it now.”
Amazon Customer 5 stars, Verified PurchaseAn intriguing and innova talent and An intriguing and innovative tale. Marta has talent and a unique story. I look forward to reading more of her work.”
BookAddict'sReviews, 4.0 out of 5 star, C Gallimore “Interesting Tale An interesting tale! I thought the romance was intriguing with the magic world. I found myself really caught up in the heroine's life and what she was going to do with her world turned upside down. The hero I liked, but wasn't as much invested in. I'd like to get to know him more in the next book!”
Booksprout, 4.0 out of 5, Nicole S, “I want to keep reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout, and am voluntarily leaving a review. If you don't like a book with religious stuff in it than this isn't a book for you. I'm not particularly interested in books like this but it had just enough paranormal and great character that I like the book. I think the next books seem to be heading into more of a paranormal instead of religious writing. I want to read the next book to see where this is heading.”
Booksprout, 4.0 out of 5, “I received a free copy of this book via and am voluntarily leaving a review. Good book. Enjoyable and entertaining book to read.”
Amazon, 5.0 out of 5, JoAnn Unique insight into the mystical, I received a copy as a gift. However, I would like to review: This a wonderful unique view (at least to me) of the mystical life surrounding our nature. The imagery is remarkable and each paragraph pulls me forward to read more and more. First person narrative seemed to make me feel that it was almost real and not fiction. I eagerly look forward to Book II”
Booksprout, 3.0 out of 5 stars, MelanieShort but interesting.I received a free copy of this book via and am voluntarily leaving a review. A very short but interesting story. It has a very interesting premise.”

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

When is best to release a book

There are no hard and fast rules as to when is best to release a book, but as per several sites, it’s best to publish a book as part of an event or occasion when you can promote it and according to several sources the recommended times are:

January – April: Romance, Self-help, Business books, Cookery
May-August: Adventure, Fantasy, Travel
Sept – Nov: Academic, Horror, Paranormal
Dec – Jan: Children, Cookery, Illustrated, Quiz, Dictionaries and quirky fun books.
A series is best to release between August and September.

I, as an anxious first-time author, wanted to publish my first book when it was ready; despite Amazon's recommendations that October is a terrible time to publish first-time books and the best time for Fantasy/Paranormal is in May.

Still, I have high reviews on Amazon but also complaints that the book is too short and I agree. However, The Sylph's Tale had to come out a fist and alone. It is the only book in the series that takes place in prehistory. It introduces the angel and the virgin, and even though the angel is damned for eternity, he starts to discover that their love was part of a higher plan. Also, I wanted to make it a Teleplay before publishing book two, Virgins and book three ROLO. 
Completed the Teleplay, alternate title–Ayekah the Damned. It’s getting looked at by my favorite reader (a ruthless critic) my husband John before I make final edits.

Marta C Weeks, is an author of fantasy, paranormal, speculative and historical fiction, poet, and columnist. Marta likes to share with others tips and articles about writing and social issues. She lives in Northern California and is the author of the Sylph's Tale, Book One of Immortals - The Series.