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I must stop doing the "False Hustle"

The article on 99U, Stop Doing The False Hustle, made me realize how I crowd myself with stuff as a procrastinating tactic. Fully aware that the “BIG thing” looms while I do the "other." I work on poems or short story or a business project instead of the largest task of finishing edits to get my book out. Worst yet, I do housework or shop, make phone calls, etc., but I find that in doing outlier tasks I meditate and plan in a distracted state. However, these “delayers” let fear invade and soon the voice of negativity gets me down.

Monday, February 09, 2015

To writers

Most writers, in my opinion, write because we have no choice. Something always makes our hands go to paper or keyboard, put words together and strive to create well-written sentences and grammatically correct paragraphs. Sometimes we don't even care about the esthetics, we just need to get it out, impassioned by an event, dream, feeling, hope or another author. Anything can spark the start of a poem, novel, or screenplay.
That most will never be signing a best seller at the local bookstore or find ourselves on a #1 list does not crush our passion. Even though to some, publishing is the only and a real measure of a good author, poet, and columnist.  Still we continue to write and amass pages that one day might pile forgotten or kept by loved ones, somewhere, until the space they take is claimed.

Payment for our art is significant. We feel appreciated when someone puts a price on our words. I have copies of checks received for a few poems and articles, and although I peddle my stuff for free on my blog or social media, I am looking to be published.  It gives me hope to know some self-published authors that to me have said more and are better than many “famous” best sellers.  I also know good writers who might never publish.

I will continue to write, grateful for the proceeds but not solely for it. I do want the eyes of others on my pages, but I will write because I must: Or what else? Even now when still in my pj's, the news on TV, my husband walks in, and I say, “I just had to write this…” I accept a kiss, and his “I know.” I had promised some eggs and toast, but I glance at the time and its past noon!

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I am looking for an agent and publishing company, but I am learning all I can about self-publishing just
in case I get impatient.
ALLi Watchdog: Amazon vs Apple

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Ode to Rosa Parks

Giving It All
While watching the funeral
for Rosa Parks,
I thought of how Rosa gave it all,
for a seat on a bus.

It was huge what Rosa did.
A complete thing,
at a time when fighting injustice,
meant the loss of life
and liberty.

Today people seem content
with little, and just want more
of what means nothing
and settle to mourn with empty souls.

Rosa’s, full of love, liberated us all
with a simple and humble act,
from those that today still carry
the torch of subjugation.

What Rosa Parks did
was not a little something,
a half measure of rebellion,
Rosa gave her life for that seat;
all we have is our life.

The bigots we feed our children,
to keep acceptable injustice
stoned Rosa.

Help us stand Rosa
and not kneel at pews of fear
that turns us into sheep,
that slaughter others
and keeps us in hell
by threatening us with heaven.

Marta ©October 24, 2005

Door Jam: January 30, 2014

Door Jam: January 30, 2014