Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Inhumanity in our own backyard,

What is outraged about violation of human rights in other countries but not the inhumanity in our own back yard!
The daily bread In juvenile facilities and US prisons is:
1) inhumane conditions.
2) isolation often lasting years, use of torture devices, sexual assault, brutality and more.
3) on any given day, more than 80,000 are locked in solitary. Even more in immigrant detention centers and juvenile facilities.
This month is Torture Awareness Month.  Urge your state and federal lawmakers to end isolation and other forms of "no touch" torture in US prisons.
 Please read the entire article, it is truly shocking.
Bringing Prison Abuse Out of the Shadows to End It

Saturday, June 14, 2014

it was a hell of a day until Robert from Google!

About two weeks ago I received a notice from Google that my domain account would be terminated for non-payment. Oh my gosh, I was trying to renew since 6/3 to no avail. Going into Google was worst than a maze!!! Good grief murgatroy. 
Murgatroy did not help me it was prayer and a place I found in Google where I sent an email requesting help, and prayed some more. Yes, I prayed for my! Got a call from Robert at Google and he, like an angel, stayed with me until the issue was resolved, thank you Robert from Google!
On prayer: some might think: how could she pray for such a silly thing like her Blogger site? Well, I pray for everything that I can't get right or gets me wrong. It works like G-Power telling me: "everything is a silly thing to me so whatever you need just let me know." Sometimes I get what I pray for sometimes I don't. I have faith that if it's important enough I keep praying, and the answer on what to do comes. 
Ps. G_Power is God as you understand God.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Has anyone rocked your boat?

Write about him/her and enter a contest (no fee to enter) and you might win $5,000.

"Deadline: August 31. The Ordinary Guru Project, founded by Rob White, President of Mind Adventure, Inc., is now soliciting submissions for its Spring 2014 contest. Entrants are asked to submit an original work about an "ordinary guru". Cash prizes include: First place, $5,000; Second place, $2,500; Third place, $1,500. There's no fee to enter. Submit online."

Essay Contest - The Ordinary Guru Project

A 15 minutes a day dive

Check out Tamara Star, she has good and quick tips on how to:  Get more of what you really want

Legos build minds

Get your kid to the Lego building event movie near you, see the preview: In-Store Events, Lego, Disney Infinity, Crayola, Fun for Kids at Toys'R'Us

Monday, June 09, 2014

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Some cheese and a dome?

For days, I was immersed in finding a Feng Shui consultant and about to quit because I had no energy on any when I found a listing for Kac Young and without thought or provocation my finger clicked on her webpage. Right away I liked how Kac's page is designed and that the goodies on it are not just hooks to buy irrelevant stuff, so I contacted her and VAVOOM. Can't wait to get fengshuid, but wait... I also googled her name and found her 'other side'... so I went in... and found many interesting things including a book about her Cheese Dome Power

Monday, June 02, 2014

Contact Us | ComicMix

I like this site hope you like it to!

Contact Us | ComicMix

Is it to soon to call it the BofC?

Is it to soon to call it the BofC?  "By doing its own financing in-house, the state can massively expand its infrastructure without imposing massive debts on future generations. The Golden State can display the innovation and prosperity that makes it worthy of the name once again."

Infrastructure Sticker Shock: Financing Costs More Than Construction

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great books deserve to be in a great book

The Folio Society (foliosociety) on Twitter