Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shame on Senator Simpson

It is appalling that Republican Senator Alan Simpson, in spite that he called Social Security a "milk cow” is still serving as co-chairman of President Obama's Fiscal Commission.

The "milk cow" is our taxes that elected officials milk from taxpayers to get their unearned salaries and or perks. They should be paid in commission according to the prosperity and wellbeing of the communities they were elected to serve. Instead, they and their families receive salaries, benefits and kickbacks while betraying the people they are supposed to serve in behalf of big business and foreign countries. 

Social Security. Is paid for by the contributions of all hard working Americans, and does not contribute a cent to the federal deficit.

It seems as if Republican elected officials are listening to trash media and thinking trash. Calling the unemployed lazy and saying go feed your children from trash.  As they leach out tax coffers into retirement and death. Condone the outsourcing of business, the importing "legally" over 80 thousand workers form other countries, under H-1B visas, to fill jobs we need; even at this high unemployment is! In addition, made in the USA has become a joke to their sellouts and unfair trade practices.

We need those jobs. We need made in the USA. We need our benefits. What we do not are these leaches like Republican Senator Simpson and the like.

Maybe those who continue to vote and support the likes of Republican Senator Simpson should have all benefits taken away but they know that couldn't happened and even though they are collecting Social Security and other benefits like cattle to the slaughter they follow their party politicians to the detriment of our country.
If the past cannot teach these people what can?

In addition, how can any commission led by Sen. Simpson make fair and equitable decisions as to the welfare of the people in our country?

If we cannot count on the Fiscal Commission to protect even Social Security, what can we trust them with?

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