Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a new direction

WritingRaw Home

WritingRaw Home

On June 6, 20010 I submitted an article called "Writing Raw" to an online site. It was to be the title of my blog on writing and now I feel fizzed but I think I am still going to use the title and do that blog since my article with the Writing Raw title came out before this site went up.
I will also publish my article after I hear if I have won in the competition or not.

Foreplay By Sign - Get the party started

Foreplay By Sign - Get the party started

Sex, sex, sex, is all the entertainment of disconnected souls who seek to bang each other out of loneliness and lack of intimacy.

The Other Woman - Red Responds

The Other Woman - Red Responds

Dear Alice, the bottom line is that you are just a freehole but maybe you want to be a freehole. Maybe you like the adrenalin of thinking you have it over the wife, and maybe the abuse is familiar to you, like form childhood? Because that kind of use is abuse.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hungry for Change

Lets put greed out of the need business. After watching:
I don't want to be poisoned by the food I eat so I joined I signed up to take action.
Stop eating poison, 5 things you can do now: Watch the movie, visit the Official Food, Inc Website, Support healthy school lunches, sign the Child Nutrition Act Reauthorization, Petition Learn 10 simple things you can do to change our food system.

The Yes List—A Stunning New Folk Album You Need to Hear

The Yes List—A Stunning New Folk Album You Need to Hear

Arianna's rolling stone

The current rolling stone is carrying dysfunctional lies. The bottom line is: A President axes health industry excess by making healthcare available to most, regulates banking and wall street to stop the bleeding of retiree's savings, makes the oil industry responsible for reckless operations, gets the rest of the world to respect us - in short makes the most changes in a short period of time - would that be lauded if the President in question is white White not Black?

Candy Crowley in State of the Union

In listening to state of the union I heard: cut down on spending, take our country back, grow the economy: vote for Republicans, support the tea-party.
After more then a decade of surplus to reckless spending, borrowing from foreign countries by trillions, a vibrant economy to escalating unemployment, growth in the housing market to a crash, peace to a war fueled by lies and fear, big companies growing overseas with our subsidies, lending and banking deregulated into loosing most life’s savings, health insurance unregulated increasing premiums and rejection of services by over 100%. 
What I see is stung health insurance, reckless industry, finance and banking industries all supporting candidates that have no intent on bringing jobs back but will continue borrowing until we are owned by foreign countries, drill-baby-drill to the destruction of natural resources, reduction of social security, more loss of jobs, homes and people called names when unemployed and without healthcare.
When is enough, enough?
It feels to me as if a large measure of the population - in pain, shame and loss - are suffering form Stockholm Syndrome, PTS from loss and abuse, or Abused Children Syndrome from a dysfunctional Government that has acted like an abusive parent. 

Monday, June 21, 2010


MELISSA ROSENBERG -  screenwriter of the Twilight Saga
Tuesday, July 6, 2010, 7:30 p.m.  WGF/WGAW headquarters, 7000 W 3rd St, Los Angeles 90048

Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (Ally McBeal, Boston Public, Dexter and films Step Up, Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse) will discuss her career and field questions on writing for both film and television.

Dessert reception to follow. 



Wednesday, June 16, 2010


In speaking about Buddhism with a friend’s young daughter and where she could go I pointed out that Buddhism has many sects, even more than Christianity, in general all religions have many sects.
To my knowledge the original text was The Lotus Sutra written in Sanskrit, a language of simplicity and exactness, said to be connected to sacred geometry, and a member of the Indo-Iranian and sub-family of the Indo-European languages.
“But is Buddhism a religion?” She asked.
I shared that once I belonged to Buddhist sect; much to my mother’s grief for she is a devout Catholic, and in studying Buddhism, and other religions, not that I’m an expert, my opinion is that to those immersed in a sect it is a religion, just like all the apocalyptic religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. For others, Buddhist teachings, and practices, such as meditation, are positive ways to live or view life. I added that I had started chanting again. I also recommend The Art Of Happiness, about The Dalai Lama.
I find a lot of value in spirituality and religion. It keeps us connected to each other and or a Higher Power. When I first wake up I pray and meditate. No marathons, just one or two prayers, positive affirmations, and brief spiritual readings. My meditation is simple and short, a matter of closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing and the darkness inside my closed eyes. I learned that from a beginner’s yoga tape I’ve had for umpteen years.
For more of my meditations, prayers, techniques, and resources post a note below my article or email me at:

Poynter Training: Essential Skills for the Digital Journalist

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Firefly Tree

A site for writers, dreamers, schemers, poets, cinematographers, screenwriters, thinkers, alchemist, and lover of all that is music, dance and art. Show us your stuff, let us get to know you. Post a link or links to your websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, videos, music, writing, work, favorite sites.
Firefly Tree, set me free, free to be me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

By golly, mole, or whatchamacallit


And we are off and crawling but we are off.
PS. my picture is not to mock anyone but myself and not take me too seriously.

Woman of Age

While rushing through my emails I came to a halt at a post from Red Room, I think the writer is turning forty – oh that is so old! I continued to read a list of three books about old women that Red Room editors will give to bloggers that post on the topic of the week: “My favorite thing about getting older” I liked the list of books and thought I would post.
The first book “Breaking Out of Bedlam” a story of an eighty-two-year old women, Cora, living in a, I guess, nursing home. My heart went out for Cora but yoyoed right back. The book is great, from what I read, but I had hopped the  author would be a Cora. The next offering was “How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free” by a life coach and creativity consultant - very helpful I am sure but not writen by a woman of age, and I mean over fifty-five-ish (the new forty) 
I had about given up when I came to Rhoda Curtis's memoir, “Rhoda: Her First Ninety Years” and voila, there it was! A story written by a woman of age!
I didn’t post at Red Room, I am subscribed because I like the site, I decided instead to make a blog for us - women of age - to set loose, let go and revel in our past, cry, and get downright truthful – who really cares if our…family sees it!
There are so many of us with so much to write and don’t do it. Are we broken by our years? Are we imprisoned in places? Not just ‘baby boomers’ can brag to the edge and back, women of all ages and nationalities have overcome and survived a lot to age. So aging is good!
But where are we? Why aren’t we writing our life books? Are we still hiding in the shadows of compromise, looking good, not rocking the boat? What can others, including our kids, benefit from our experience and learn how it is to ride the years if we don’t tell them?
I learn a lot from a woman’s experience and could learn even more from a woman of age – not necessarily famous, or a mountain climber, or a professional, or star – but from just an everyday woman of age who dares to write unabashedly after the nest is empty: the what happened and how it is now.
So am I that woman? Am I the one who needs to step out and write her life out? Do I dare?
Here is the start, and if you are looking for looking good stop reading. I’m going to tell the truth, but this is not for award winning perfect writing and grammar. And, if I don’t reveal my true name, and others can do the same, no one has to know who we are lest we want them to and we will be less inhibited.
So here it is, the real me with a new name, I baptize me Kassandra Zavier. Don’t throw rocks when I tell you I could not pick a name and my husband, from a book of balanced names, picked Kassandra for me; you can call me Sand because I like the ocean. I looked up Kassandra, and it’s the name of an asteroid, a derivative from Cassandra who in Greek mythology is a woman who entangles men, and there is more.
Maybe very suitable, given that I was a dancer, have had a very ‘active life’, to put it mildly, and I am a mesh of nationalities. My great-grandparents, from my mother’s side were European. From my grandfather’s side my great-grandmamma was Jewish, most likely Middle-Eastern, his father, whom I don’t care too much for, was European. On my father’s side: my real last name is Armenian and his mother was most likely Hungarian.
No wonder I did all that I’ve done! Ma, it was the blood in my veins.
My grandparents met when their ancestors immigrated to America, most likely to avoid persecution or find their fortune. So Sand sounds like a mixture of all those things and of music.
I am just pounding this out from my gut because I have no intention on spending ten years editing and rewriting and writing it until it's ready - as I have with so many writings. I don’t lack ideas, or life experience, and could fill a good shelf of books half finished and some half edited. This is going out with a minimal once over; no other eyes will edit. To those who read this: If you find a mistake or how to say something better tell me, I surely would like your help. I just don’t want anyone to know I am the one writing this… get it? Or I am going to try… to look… good… and the ‘what will people say’ pest in my brain will freeze me up, judge me, edit me, and it will all be half measures.
Maybe I’ll get my own website and blog under my new name. If I do would you read me?
Does anyone out there think that we, women of age, need to write about ourselves? I do. Especially if we are not famous or if are we can do it incognito? We need to do it because it can be funny, uplifting, and good for our sanity. Pass the wisdom (not just the gas). How many of us think that our own mother’s are just milling around with nothing between their ears? See what I mean?
Yours truy,