Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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I am a new author, last year I published the first book of my series, The Sylph's Tale, as a novella base on mythology I wanted to do a screenplay rendition and did and it won an award.
The book itself has great reviews despite that it was published missing four chapters! Imagine my despair!
However, as the saying, when you get lemons make lemonade, I will soon republish with the four missing chapters PLUS two additional chapters not edited before the initial publication. Bad, because buyers have a book missing four chapters, however, Amazon and D2D tell me they will notify those buyers and offer a free revised copy.
I encourage you to share your writing and reading adventures and to subscribe so I can also send you a free copy of the revised book. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Characters are more important than plot!

When asked about the single biggest factor that defines a great screenplay, he emphatically responded “characters.” This is what drives his passion; exciting characters. The plot is secondary.
Here is the entire article: https://creativescreenwriting.com/savvy-follow-heart-filmmaker-phil-volkens-ode-screenwriters/

Saturday, November 03, 2018

The Sylph's Tale is loosely based on Mythology

Hi, and thanks to those who have asked if The Sylph's Tale, the first book of Immortals-the series, is based on Mythology; the answer is yes, my favorite subjects in college were Anthropology and History.

Here is a document with pictures and links that demonstrate how The Sylph's Tale is loosely based on Mythology. The reason I say loosely is that Ayekah is not a demon and Haya is not evil but they have been taken over by dark powers.

Also, since I will republish The Sylph's Tale — published by Amazon and D2D with four missing chapters, they received an incorrect file - I will include, in the new publication, this information plus the first two chapters of VIRGINS. 

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the mistake, please remember that if you bought it already let me know I will send you a revised version for free.

THE ANGEL AND VIRGIN JOURNEYand caves are loosely based on Mesoamerican caves and nine levels of the underworld as found in Mayan and Aztec history. Sources of information include Rites in the Underworld: Rites and caves as Sacred Space in Mesoamerica.

amazon.comLilith The Mother of all Dark Creatures: E. R. Vernor: 9781511701877: Amazon.com: Books

HAYA, THE INNOCENT GIRL, is loosely based on Lilith. In one account she is Samael's counterpart and a mother of demons and can be seen seducing the fallen angels as Naamah; after the fall, they had daughters: Nashiym, the Lilim, the Lilith who seduced the watchers. Wholly new in the Kabbalistic concept of Lilith is her appearance as the permanent partner of Samael, queen of the realm of the forces of evil (the Sitra Ahra).” 

AYEKAH, IS LOOSELY BASED ON SAMAEL, the fallen angel myth, often referenced as the "watchers, holy ones". Also as Enoch, watchers that "fell" after they became "enamored" with human women.” and in “the Greek transcription as Grigori.[17] including 1 Enoch (10.4),[18] link the angel's transgression with the great deluge.[19]””

Monday, October 29, 2018

Would love your comments!

I will be incorporating The Sylph's Tale into VIRGINS, first two books of Immortals- the series.
Last November I published The Sylph's Tale - book one- as a novella because I intended to do a screenplay rendition. The novella has 4-5 star ratings on Amazon and excellent reviews from my readers. The screenplay won a third-place quarter ISA award.
I am incorporating both books for three reasons: A) the main complaint from readers is that The Sylph's Tale is too short, readers want more; B) both are based on the myth of the female goddesses and the fallen angel; C) it will be easier to get an agent/publisher is the book is over 50 thousand words.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

We all want people to like our work but...

Beware the flatterer - Build Book Buzz: Are you book spending decisions being blinded by flattery from less-than-scrupulous vendors. Learn why you should beware the flatterer and how to spot the villains. (Or, at least, people who are more interested in your money than your success.)

A writing schedule

After retiring, sometimes having worked a job and a half, while raising a family, I wanted to get lost in writing. Could see myself creating or finishing articles and stories I had started here and there, but it was hard to adjust to set a writing and publishing schedule. 
Boundaries diminished or changed as needs from family and home increased. It became "as soon as" I get this done, or this passes. Then came vacations and travel we had dreamed of doing. Finally, I rebelled against routines but noticed, from others in writer's groups, classes, and success gurus - in particular males - that they kept a "dead-set-schedules" for writing. While women - not from lack of discipline but because we rarely have "wives" to take care of demands and issues - and give in to tribe and community more often. We also are multi-taskers. 
One writer always says, "from 6 to 9 pm, after dinner, even if we have company, I write, every-single-day. No matter what, I lock my home-office door, and my everyone knows they cannot disturb me," his wife sitting next to him nodded. Wow

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Immortals - The Series: A magnificent site.

Immortals - The Series: A magnificent site.: All I want to say for now is that LISA CRON, The Story Coach is magnificent and I recommend it to all writers! Now, excuse me, I have to g...

Immortals - The Series: A magnificent site.

Immortals - The Series: A magnificent site.: All I want to say for now is that LISA CRON, The Story Coach is magnificent and I recommend it to all writers! Now, excuse me, I have to g...