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I thank all of you who are interested in VIRGINS; your support and comments are priceless. One suggestion I’m implementing is to publish the book as a trilogy. Also, to those who say Virgins could be another Game of Thrones or TV series, I report that last month I completed ISA's 30-Day Screenwriting Challenge and well, a screenplay is a long shot.

Synopsys: In primitive times, from a virgin and an Archangel are born generations of angel/humans. In present times, from a sisterhood of virgins, amid passion and mystery, a new world unfolds that will be seen as evil.

All three books are Paranormal, approx. 100k words, loosely based on historical fact. Warning: This story contains sexual elements that might not sit well with the average reader.

Book One, first age, AYEKAH’S TALE, Fantasy/approx. 20,000 words. 
In primitive times, a virgin escaping rape runs into The Archangel of Light. He falls for her and is damned to be a sylph, a being without a soul. His name becomes Ayekah and her’s Haya. She has powers that make Ayekah question: who is Haya? She takes him to live with her clan and births the first generations of angel/humans. Decades later, she commands him to bury her with their unborn embryo. Ayekah stays in her crypt except for important occasions. 

Book Two, second age, VIRGINS, Paranormal, approx. 40,000 words. 
From caves to castles: In 1958, Ayekah hears Haya's voice and finds, Azuley. Lured to Haya’s crypt, Ayekah returns with cells from Haya’s fetus and impregnates Azuley. The only male, Ishmael, is born in modern times from Haya and Ayekah. The same and almost simultaneously happens to Mapian who births the first female twins. Every seventeen years for five generations the fertile twin births twin sisters, the infertile twin is the watcher. From first breath, the women are enslaved to perilous lives as moss on a stone. 
From Spain to Armenia, and the United States, the bright, alluring women, are ruled by the eldest matriarchs, keepers of writs, unstopped by life’s passions, global issues, and terrifying events. 
Ayekah - a master puppeteer - protects them via The Retais, his secret society. Until 1960 when Natania, the oldest announces: "the branch has broken" as Liliana in Chile and Caralea in Canada, each has a girl: Rayena Gentray and Aryana Delmars. 

Book Three, third age, ROLO, Science Fiction, 40,000 words
A New World unfolds. Not from the heart of religious prophecy but the mind of technology. An event once holy will be seen as evil. Ray, Genetic Scientist, battles with right and wrong while developing a study that finally brings ROLO to life. Ary, a Parapsychologist, foreseeing that Ray’s plan can drive humankind to extinction feels compelled to stop her. Ancestral theories separate them in the body, but not mentally sets in motion the unexpected. 
As the head of Tardell Corporation, Sigrid Liera (Sig) is a controlling power that makes Ray and himself a living part of ROLO. 
Nefarious beings and scientific powers mutate humans using findings derived by Ray. The disappearance of Ray and Rolo under the raging waters of Hurricane Mitch starts a spiral that will change humanity. Ary, guided by her grandmother Gerona, infiltrates Tardell to end the cloning of people.

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Book cover for Virgins: by Bob Keck: Owner/Photographer/Artist at Digital Dreams

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