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The Sylphs Saga

Warning: This story has sexual elements that might not sit well with the average reader.

Note: The Sylph Saga could be one book; I envision it as three, or a series.

Brief synopsis: The Archangel falls in love. Is it Haya who lures The Archangel? A tale of obsession spreads in a web of intrigue. From primeval ages into the present, a sisterhood grows amid supernatural events than ensnare all. Ayekah's quest becomes to be a human or make Haya immortal.

Here is a brief summary of each book.

Book One: Ayekah's Tale, approx. 15,000 words.

FIRST AGE: After the Archangel falls in love with a virgin he is damned to be a Sylph, a being without a soul for eternity. His name becomes Ayekah. In her prehistoric village, Ayekah and Haya breed the first generations of angel/humans. Obeying Haya's dying command, Ayekah buries her with their unborn fetus.
Ayekah stays in her crypt except when checking on their brethren or to plead for salvation. In lonely despair, he convinces other angels into sex with women. The Almighty sets to destroy the world but Ayekah summons the Dragons of Ararat to save his brethren and progeny. 

Book Two: Virgins, approx. 40,000 words.
SECOND AGE: From caves to castles. In 1958, Ayekah follows Haya's voice and finds Azuley; the only male child is born from cells of Haya's fetus. Hears her voice again and the first female twins are born from Mapian. One is fertile. The infertile one is the watcher. From first breath they're enslaved like moss on a stone.

Five generations of twins, governed by the eldest matriarchs, the keepers of writs and bonds, survive terrifying events. Ayekah -a master puppeteer - via The Retais, a secret society created to protect them, selects their spouses, unbeknownst to them.
In 1926 "the branch has broken" announces Natania, an elder, as Liliana in Chile and Caralea in Canada, each birth a girl: Rayena Gentray and Aryana Delmars. 

Book Three: ROLO, approx. 40,000 words.
THIRD AGE: A New World unfolds. Not from the heart of religious prophecy but from the mind of technology. An event once holy will be seen as evil.
Ray, Genetic Scientist, battles with right and wrong while developing a study that eventually brings ROLO to life. Ary, a Parapsychologist, foreseeing that Ray’s plan can drive humanity to extinction feels compelled to stop her. Ancestral theories separate them in body, not in mind, but sets in motion the unexpected.
After Ray leaves for her research site deep in the jungles surrounding the San Juan River, her lover, movie producer Alex, falls for Ary. As the head of Tardell Corporation, Sigrid Liera (Sig) is a controlling power that makes Ray and himself a living part of ROLO.
Nefarious beings and scientific powers mutate humans using the research derived by Ray. The disappearance of Ray and Rolo under the raging waters of Hurricane Mitch starts a spiral that will change the world. Ary, guided by her grandmother Gerona, infiltrates Tardell to stop the cloning of humans.

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Book cover for Virgins: by Bob Keck: Owner/Photographer/Artist at Digital Dreams

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